For Providers, Teachers and Parents

  Yearly Dues: 

    Individual  - $25.00 

    2 - 3 Staff  - $30.00            

    4 - 7 Staff - $50.00

    8 - 10 Staff - $100.00

Training Schedule for 2018-2018 at

Prince of Peace Lutheran Preschool

  Classes are held at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the each month 

unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming Statewide Training and Resource System (STARS)

STARS approves all training and trainers for licensed child care providers. STARS also awards training hours to the provider after he/she has completed an approved training and maintains a record of completed training for all individuals working in licensed child care facilities. In addition to these activities, STARS administers the Child Care Professional Development System, a clearinghouse of educational materials that providers can check out and the Child Care Scholarship program.  The Department of Family Services contracts with Align to administer these programs. For more information contact the STARS program at 1-800-400-3999.

We have been advised that it could take up to 14 business days for training to be recorded by ALIGN..

December 13th  6:30 pm 

8 Training Competencies 

Presenter - Gwen Quig  

2 credit hours for the night 

Please bring a snack to share and a white elephant gift